Brian Richardson
Creative Director
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Live Event Production

Houston's First Baptist Church, Houston, TX, 2008. Brian hand crafted custom house lighting, and installed stage and LED lighting in this 3500 seat 120' high auditorium.

Emeth Productions offers over 15 years of professional experience in live Stage Production and Technical Arts.
Areas of expertise include:
• Directing
• Training
• Coaching
• Team Building
• Pre-Production Planning
• Audio design
• Lighting design
• Stage design
• Video broadcast
• Video projection
• Image magnification
• Multi-Media integration with live elements and live music
• Video synchronization with live elements and live music
• Training of the use of technical equipment and facility
• Equipment recommendations and installation for auditoriums and theatrical applications

Child of the Promise, presented by Love, INC., 2011- Present:

Child of the Promise is a full live orchestral production, integrated with a rhythm band, 50+ person choir, 18 solo vocalists, and synchronized video elements. Each of the three productions were presented in a different auditorium, elevating the challenge of adapting the production from year to year. Emeth Productions pioneered creative stage, set, lighting, video and audio solutions for each of the productions, and personally executed each live audio experience.

Click here for more information about Love, INC.

Drama Club Director, Hartland High School Drama Club Troupe 4213, 2010 to 2012

Each production featured a cast and crew of over 100 students and adult leaders, with $1 of each ticket sold for each production donated to a variety of local charities, and Hartland High School Students who have battled, and currently are battling cancer. Please read about Michael Anderson who was on the House Crew for "It's A Wonderful Life".

Brian's leadership, experience and love for the students in the club generated memorable results for the students.

It's A Wonderful Life, Fall '11, Director:

• Generated a record profit of over $6,000 for the club in 2011
• Pioneered the first flying cast member in the club's history
• Standing ovation for all performances
• Cast and crew of over 100 students, student leaders and adult volunteers

It's A Wonderful Life
Les Miserables Student Edition, Spring '11, Director:
• Created a 20' wide by 16' high 360 degree rotating set
• Challenged and succeeded in raising the entire cast to new levels of performance and achievement
• All performances sold out
• Standing ovation for all performances
• Cast and crew of over 100 students, student leaders and adult volunteers

Les Miserables Student Edition
The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Fall '10, Director:
• Created a pneumatically controlled, breaking stone table that was lit from the inside
• Pioneered the first airbrush makeup in the club's history
• Provided professional training to the students for airbrush techniques
• Pioneered the first strobe lit slow motion fight scene, choreographed to music
• Standing ovation for all performances
• Cast and crew of over 100 students, student leaders and adult volunteers

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Auditorium Management, 2008 to 2012

Management included the oversight, installation and maintenance of all technical equipment in the auditoriums including:
• Creation, construction and installation of the new Sound and Lighting booth in the Hartland Performing Arts Auditorium, and all signal paths to and from
• PA Audio systems
• Theatrical Lighting systems
• Broadcast video systems
• Fly rope system
• Staging
• Theatrical curtain installation

• Audio and Lighting Director for the following Hartland Drama Club productions:
  Footloose, Spring '10
  Robin Hood, Fall '10
  Beauty and the Beast, Spring '09
  Dracula, Spring '09

In addition, Brian was responsible for supporting and running every event in each auditorium, ranging from 430 seats to 750 seats providing:
• Technical staffing
• Technical training
• Equipment maintenance
• Equipment procurement
• Coordination with clients and school personnel
• Hands on execution of all technical support aspects of each production

Contact Toni Silsbe of Hartland Community Education for rental availability and pricing for either auditorium.

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